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Centred around the old age dilemma of choosing Christmas gifts for our loved ones, TDE's 2019 Christmas campaign video starring the iconic Gemma Ward saw Capturelab called upon for a host of our post-production capabilities. Collaborating closely with director Romy Frydman, we began with the storyboarding and  pre-visualisation of animations. This involved a combination of creative mock-ups and technical advice for best on-set practice during filming for the VFX compositing required in post-production. Our work on this project spanned green screen, 3D camera tracking and rotoscope for object removal, editing, sound design, motion graphics utilising a series of supplied e-comm shots in conjunction with brand assets, as well as colour grading and the creation of multiple outputs for TDE's omni-channel marketing campaign.

Director / Romy Frydman

DOP / Anthony J Rose

Storyboarding + Video editing + Motion graphics / Capturelab

Model / Gemma Ward

Motion graphics design using existing product imagery from the brand alongside specially shot material.

TDE's wrapping ribbon for Christmas 2019 was used as a graphic element in the video, being woven throughout the edit as a device to both transition from scene to scene, as well as reiterate the brand's visual identity for the season.

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