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Seafolly and Capturelab have had a long-standing relationship dating back 14 years, when we retouched their 2006 summer campaign. Countless images and videos later, we were appointed with both the production and post-production of a suite of content to support their 'Own Your Folly' summer campaign in late 2019. 


Collaborating with the creative team at Seafolly and director Oliver Rose, we filmed a diverse group of women (a large number of who were Seafolly employees) and recorded each reciting a manifesto on what it means to own your folly. When it came to post-production, our editor Christina wove each piece together to create an authentic, powerful story that spoke of the important over-arching theme: we are all remarkable.

Director / Oliver Rose

Creative direction / Seafolly and Capturelab 

Production + Video editing + Motion graphics / Capturelab

Iquis ant eostrum isque pro est es etur alis millab illum faccum asimus. Quiam seque.

Short videos were put together for placement on social media, in addition to the main film.

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